Aguas Azules (Sterling silver and dichroic glass ring, Size 6)


This ring lets one’s mind escape to “Blue Waters” and waterfalls… One gets absolutely lost looking into the depths of this dichroic glass.

Although Dichroic Glass is human-made, it is considered a protector of spiritual health. Its therapeutic significance is kindred to that of color therapy. Color therapy uses color and light to treat spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological health by balancing the body’s energy centers, one’s chakras. Egyptians used sun-activated solarium rooms constructed of colored glass for medicinal and restorative purposes. So too, the vivacious hues of Dichroic Glass activate one’s chakras and opens one’s path toward the expanded universe, far beyond one’s body.

Ring dimensions approximately 30mm long and 12mm wide. The ring band decreases from 23mm near the top to a comfy 6mm on the underside of one’s finger.

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Many healers believe this powerfully colorful glass vibrates deep inside one’s body and aids with meditation and stimulates third eye awakenings. A metaphysical gaze into this glass may offer glimpses into the future… It also facilitates artistic expression.

Dichroic Glass has the charm of feminine Angels and the tranquility of Moon’s stillness. Wearing its pure, vibrant colors can help one regulate mood swings. When kissed by the sun, the rays of Dichroic Glass have the capacity of magically nourishing one’s hopes and dreams. The radiations of color help hold the mind in harmony so one’s spirit may connect with the Divine

Silver is known to carry the energies of the moon, especially during new moons and full moons. It is reflective, so as the moon reflects light coming from the sun, it also does the same for whomever wears it. Silver will deflect negativity away from you, which makes it a magical wand of protection and security. It will shield one from bad intentions and redirect them back to their source.