Angel (Mother of pearl and sterling silver ring, Size 5.5)

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This piece exudes the energy of the angelic realm. It is meticulously crafted with a wide silver bezel and substantial sterling band which support this magnificent sea-born stone.

Mother of pearl resonates with the third eye, heart, and crown chakras. She helps to intensify intuitive abilities, psychic sensitivity and gifts of the imagination. She shields the soul from negative energies by transmuting them into positivity.

Ring dimensions approximately 25mm along all three sides

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Mother of pearl is a soothing stone that evokes the maternal feelings in one’s spirit that helps guard families from danger by cleansing their surroundings. She removes hurtful emotions and shows the path to serenity. She holds the energies of the sea, of Mother Nature and therefore imbues well-being and gentleness. She brings harmony in relationships like harmony in the waves. She pacifies the wounded heart and helps one to stay balanced and aligned with one’s soul and aura. Mother of Pearl is often regarded as helping high blood pressure, poor vision, feelings of dizziness as well as injuries. Mystically, she connects the soul with one’s Divine purpose.

Silver is known to carry the energies of the moon, especially during new moons and full moons. It is reflective, so as the moon reflects light coming from the sun, it also does the same for whomever wears it. Silver will deflect negativity away from you, which makes it a magical wand of protection and security. It will shield one from bad intentions and redirect them back to their source.