Her Strength (Golden cuff with copper accents)


The pure density of this cuff reminds one of their strong foundation and grounds them in confidence and discernment. But moreover, brass is a projective metal that is also associated with Gold and can be worn to attract money (to attract the flow of positive energy, as that is what money is – energy…)

Bracelet dimensions: the cuff is approximately 35mm wide

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Brass is associated with the Sun. Its element is Fire. Brass attracts healing, wealth and protection. When wearing jewelry to attract wealth, the favorable effects are amplified when the gem is wrapped or set in Brass.

Copper vibrates to Venus astrologically. Venus is the planet of love, charm and beauty. Venus is said to rule the veins in the body. Homeopathy uses tiny traces of Copper to treat a number of physical ailments. Copper has been hailed for improving circulation. Wearing copper can help one improve one’s awareness and expand one’s consciousness.