Manifestation of Magic and Miracles Mala (worn doubled)


This piece is made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the creative process + shipping time. Thank you.

Malas emerged thousands of years ago. They are similar to rosaries but traditionally consist of 108 prayer beads and are used during meditation, yoga, affirmations and ceremonies. (Image features the Sage Green Heart Chakra Mala)

Necklace Dimensions: Approximately 34 to 38 inches in length. (The additional tassel varies from approximately 6 to 8 inches.) When taking them off, please lay them carefully so the tassel is flat. Although they are strung on nontraditional nylon coated steel, please do not wear them in water or while sleeping.

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These Malas are graceful, wearable works of art. They’re crafted using gemstones and other radiant beads, each giving birth to a vibration all its own. The size and shape of the gems vary slightly, lending more originality to each design. However, the gems are still somewhat uniform, so you can experience your practice without distraction. Also, each tassel is uniquely woven with sarees, other luxurious fabrics and additional trinkets and/or gems. These emerge into timeless adornments that are infused with cleansing Palo Santo to invite and amplify tranquility.

108 is a sacred number. There are 108 major lines of energy in the body that connect the heart center. There are 108 Upanishads (ancient Vedic texts). Angel number 108 resonates with a vibration of high power. The words ‘in truth’ and ‘to forgive’ are used 108 times in the New Revised Bible. The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. One represents God, zero humility, and eight, the infinity symbol. Malas hold our intentions and prayers. The Guru bead represents your relationship with your teacher. (You and God, you and the Universe, etc.) It is secured to the tassel to signify and honor the relationship with guru and student. The tassel signifies many coming together, oneness. (Please note: There will be variation between every individual piece of the same style, due to the nature of it being hand-created, and due to the availability and imperfections found in stones and fabric – but both these aspects lend character to each piece.)