Manifestation of Magic and Miracles Mala (worn long)


This piece is made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the creative process + shipping time. Thank you.

Malas can be experienced as a conduit for one’s prayers and/or as an adornment for one’s love of art. The artistic journey that takes place while creating each Mala is beyond words – but once you see them and hold them and feel their vibration – the reason that journey took place is energetically explained… (Image features the Sage Green Heart Chakra Mala)

Necklace Dimensions: Approximately 34 to 38 inches in length. (The additional tassel varies from approximately 6 to 8 inches.) When taking them off, please lay them carefully so the tassel is flat. Although they are strung on nontraditional nylon coated steel, please do not wear them in water or while sleeping.

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When searching for your mala(s), be clear about your intentions. Trust that this will draw the one truest to your authentic self to you,this will help cultivate your intentions into manifestations. Once you have selected it and become consistent with your practice, the vibration from your mantra enters into your beads as subtle frequencies. Your mala becomes a source of protection, strength, guidance and healing. There are several ways to practice with malas. Combined techniques amplify blessings:

1) Chant a mantra when touching each bead.
2) Use it with yoga breathing meditations.
3) Practice gratitude by breathing slowly and deeply and thinking/feeling some things you appreciate. Repeat each time you touch a new bead. No thought of gratitude is insignificant.
4) Wear, touch or place a gemstone mala on your body. This will transmit specific restorative vibrations to replenish your heart, mind, and body. This happens effortlessly, but with intention, healings become deeper.

(Please note: There will be variation between every individual piece of the same style, due to the nature of it being hand-created, and due to the availability and imperfections found in stones and fabric – but both these aspects lend character to each piece.)