Manifestation of Magic and Miracles (Sacral Chakra Bracelet with luxurious saree fabric and illuminating gemstones)


This piece is made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the creative process + shipping time. Thank you.

Imagine journeying into a realm where one’s vibration magically and miraculously reveals Divinity’s Source of Creativity… Sacral Manifestation Bracelets can accompany that journey. Their unique properties deflect unwanted influences and blockages, as well as awaken feelings of sensuality and the art of allowing…

Bracelet dimensions: Widths typically vary between approximately 70mm and 80mm, however, they can be narrowly created if a client prefers. Bracelets adjust between 7 and 8 inches. Each bracelet is a unique, wearable work of art and designed specifically for each client. Bracelets can be created with or without decorative panels on each end.

(Please note: There will be variation between every individual piece of the same style, due to the nature of it being hand-created, and due to the availability and imperfections found in stones and fabric – but both these aspects lend character to each piece.)

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Manifestation is constant. Thought creates energy within and without. To manifest magic and miracles, one needs to clear beliefs that block them from trusting in their Highest Good. Beginning to release shame, blame and guilt, (low vibration thoughts), clears space for high vibration manifestations. As we feel better within, we become an energetic match for our Highest Good.

Each Sacral Chakra Manifestation Bracelet is meticulously designed. Beads are hand-crafted from saree and other fabrics and accented by luminously crafted gemstone space bars. Every adornment takes almost 15 hours to create, as every piece of fabric is chosen and woven with guidance from above and every individual gem is selected for its radiance and vibration, to compliment the resonating texture of the fabric. Sacral Chakra Manifestation Bracelets are available in Sacral Chakra colors and stones. For example: Orange/Carnelian. Each unique Sacral Chakra Manifestation Bracelet is infused with cleansing Palo Santo to invite and amplify tranquility.