Moon Glow


This piece is made to order. Please allow one week for the creative process + shipping time. Thank you.

The energy of this glowing moonstone has a synergistic relationship with the moon, therefore this sacral piece helps ease women’s cycles. Moonstone utilizes the energy of intelligence, contraction and healing. It births the crystallization of ideas. It’s crown chakra vibrations bring balance throughout your being. The etched silver further speaks to the feminine mystique.

Necklace Dimensions: Pendant, including bail, appx. 55mm. Chain extends to 17 inches.

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This style of necklace can be recreated with an infinite array of gemstones. There will be variation between every individual piece of the same style, due to the nature of it being hand-created, and due to the availability and imperfections found in stones – but both these aspects lend character to each piece.)