SIGNATURE EARRING DESIGN, In The Wind, Polished Golden


This piece is made to order. Please allow one week for the creative process + shipping time. Thank You.

“In The Wind” earrings are a very special design! They represent the wind, which is connected to God’s breath, the vital breath of the Universe!

DIMENSIONS: The component is appx. 40mm x 35mm. Image shows polished golden finish with Short gold filled earwires, appx. 10mm. Upon ordering, please email if you would prefer Medium (appx. 30mm ear wires) or Long (appx.50mm ear wires).

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The artist saws each shape from a brass sheet, forms it, files it, fits seams perfectly together, then solders and polishes it to a gorgeous golden hue. Ear wires are created to complete the look.

This unique, light weight shape is the same from the front as it is from the back – which is a very difficult design to construct!