SIGNATURE EARRING DESIGN, In The Wind, Polished Sterling


This piece is made to order. Please allow one week for the creative process + shipping time. Thank You.

“In The Wind” earrings are a very special design! They represent the wind, which is connected to God’s breath, the vital breath of the Universe!

DIMENSIONS: The component is appx. 40mm x 35mm. Image shows polished sterling finish with Long earwires, appx. 50mm. Upon ordering, please email if you would prefer Medium (appx. 30mm ear wires) or Short (appx.10mm ear wires).

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The artist saws each shape from a sterling sheet, forms it, files it, fits seams perfectly together, then solders and polishes it. Ear wires are created to complete the look.

This unique, light weight shape is the same from the front as it is from the back – which is a very difficult design to construct!